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Sober Living Homes Help with Recovery

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living can be the way of thinking and practical steps taken for someone who wants to stay sober. In this case, "sober living" refers to the temporary housing that treatment centers set up for people who are just starting to get better. Sober living homes are a physical barrier between people who have just finished rehab and the temptations of life outside of it.

People who live in sober homes have a lot of freedom, giving them a sense of independence and control. Even so, people living in sober homes usually have to follow the rules. Sober living homes keep a safe and stable environment for their residents by making them follow the rules. It follows then that breaking the rules can get you evicted from the home in order to protect the other people who live there.

The following are typical examples of rules and responsibilities

Common Sober Living Rules:

  1. Varying rules regarding individual and shared responsibilities

  2. Discourages or prohibits intimate relationships amongst residents

  3. Maintain a safe place with minimal distractions

  4. Rule violations lead to expulsion from the home

  5. No drugs or alcohol permitted (including addictive prescription meds)

  6. Limited visitation

Sober Living Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain respectful boundaries with other residents

  2. Shared responsibility for property upkeep

  3. Follow rules

  4. Pay rent and utilities

  5. Self-prepare meals (unlike inside rehab)

What Are The Benefits?

Naturally, the longer you stay in recovery with the help of others, the stronger your recovery resolve becomes. Sober living homes are the best way to transition from treatment back into society. People who need more structure than their current living situation and less strict monitoring than intensive outpatient (IOP) care benefit greatly from sober living homes.

Additionally, sober living homes help people stay sober by reducing their exposure to distractions and temptations while they experience incremental independence in a more safe environment.

The following is a list of many of the benefits of living in a sober living home:

Benefits of Sober Living Homes:

  • Routine and structure

  • Positive peer influence

  • Increases accountability

  • Integrates continued treatment options and sober meetings

  • Limits distraction and temptation

  • Lowers potential of family issues

  • Built-in sober support network and guidance

  • Relatable experiences promoting empathy

  • Genuine connection in relationships

  • Independence and privacy

  • Reduces isolation

  • Reinforces relapse prevention and aftercare

Sober living gives people the safety and support they need to live a full life. Recovery is made more accessible when you experience community with other people who are also going through rehab. During a stay in sober living, people have the chance to work, continue recovery aftercare, get support from the community, and live on their own, all while getting stronger in their recovery.

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