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What are the Common Signs and Symptoms of Addiction?

Addiction is a severe illness that negatively affects both physical and mental health. All addictions entail physical or mental processes, whether to substances or behaviors. If you suspect that a loved one is battling addiction, get professional help.

While each individual's experience with addiction is unique, there are some similar indicators to be aware of. These indicators include behavioral changes such as lying, severe fluctuations in mood, shifting social groups, and physical changes in weight, sleep, and energy levels. It also should be noted that different substances have different intoxication symptoms, negative effects, and withdrawal symptoms.

The following list are just some of the most common signs and symptoms that might indicate addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Common signs of addiction include:

  • Changes in social circles, new and unexpected acquaintances, and strange phone conversations

  • Social dysfunction and problems at work or school, such as low performance, tardiness, or absences

  • Loss of energy or motivation

  • Easily agitated or angered

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Bouts of extreme fatigue

  • Sleeplessness

  • Changes in the body, such as frequent illness and gaining or losing weight

  • Lacking care for one's appearance

  • Spending an excessive amount of money on the substance

  • Obsessing over the next dose, keeping a steady supply of the material, and worrying over the next source of the substance

  • Engaging in dangerous activity when intoxicated

  • Developing tolerance, so it takes more to feel the first exhilaration

  • Compromising moral principles such as stealing to get the substance or lying to explain away abnormal behavior

  • Taking the substance compulsively or being unable to stop taking it

  • Difficulty in reducing or controlling the addictive behavior

  • Requiring an unusual amount more of sleep or sleeping at different times of the day or night

  • Greater need of participation in the substance in order to receive the same effects

  • Experiencing withdrawals after not using the substance for a period of time.

Most symptoms of addiction can be caused by something else. So do not jump to conclusions too quickly. You may never know what someone else is experiencing unless they tell you. If you are concerned that someone may have an addiction based on the signs and symptoms list above, then be sure to speak to the person about what you are noticing. Above all, know that discussing such concerns is a very delicate matter and may be difficult for the person to receive, so speak with kindness and understanding.

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