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Reality of Sober Living

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Contrary to the misconception of others, sobriety is not a one-time thing and it is definitely not easy. Sobriety is a continuous choice that we have to make every day. There are days that it will be hard to choose the right thing. Although living sober is a scary idea for some, it is still the right choice to make.

Whether you or your loved ones are a person with substance use disorder, here are some realities that happen more often than not when you choose to be sober.

It didn't solve all your problems

People expect that once they stop taking the substance or alcohol, it will solve the problems in their whole life but no it does not. That is why some people who are in sobriety get impatient with the results and think that sobriety is a lie. Eventually, they go back to their old habits. Sobriety will not solve all the problems in your life but it is the key. The substances and alcohol you took distracted you from your real problems. It helped you to stay in a state of being unproblematic when in reality everything in your life is crashing down. Sobriety will open the door for you to know yourself all over again. Through this, you will also discover the underlying issues that you've been ignoring for years. By then, you can work on yourself in the right way.

Convincing yourself to be sober the first time is hard, but convincing yourself every day is harder

Most people who misuse substances or alcohol are in denial. Convincing yourself to start your sober journey is a tough thing to do. But being honest with yourself and taking the biggest challenge of your life is an everyday choice to make. Continue taking this path and eventually, you will be rewarded with greater things that are truly helpful and good for you.

You are just starting to discover yourself

When you constantly consume substances and alcohol, your entire personality changes and revolves around it. Oftentimes, after using it you feel empty because all things that alter your personality are gone. Sobriety will give you the chance to rediscover yourself without the things that change you completely.

Relationships will improve

Sobriety will make you feel genuine emotions that you haven't felt in a long time. When you are happy, you are truly happy. When you are having fun, it is really fun. Without any substance or alcohol that could blind you from what you really feel, life is better. You could connect more to other people and identify if what you are feeling is really genuine. Aside from that, when you are sober you will have more time and mental energy to spend time with the people you value.

Saved up a lot of energy and money

Substance use disorder can make you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to relieve your need. When you are high or drunk, you usually do not care how much energy and money you spend on the things that could get or make you happy-- or so you thought. Sobriety allows you to have plenty of time for yourself wherein you could freely choose how, when, and with whom you are going to spend your energy and money.

You will lose friends

Losing your so-called friends during sobriety only means one thing, they were not really your friends. They were merely in your life because you did the same thing. Just like how you outgrew your high school buddies, some people will forget you because you do not see each other often and do not have the same interests anymore. Do not fret! You will discover and know more people who will help you through the tough times and will support you all the way.

Sometimes you feel left out

Parties, dinners, or family gatherings are oftentimes accompanied by alcohol. There are times when you feel as though you are left out because you cannot "enjoy" the way your friends do. However, you forget that alcohol has different effects on every people. You have to remember the reason why you quit in the first place and be proud of it.

The natural you is beautiful

Sobriety brings out your natural emotions and personality. Once you start your sober journey, you might think that you became boring and dull because you aren't drinking or doing drugs anymore. Sadly, most people think that it is fun doing risky things. But the truth is fun doesn't have to be a result of potentially ruining your life. Being in touch with yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and nature is more beautiful. Not taking a risk of doing something embarrassing because alcohol cannot give you confidence? It is okay. Hanging out with people you truly like instead of people who are there with you because you are taking substances with them? It is better. Your natural life is always the best choice to take.

It is a long journey but just take it one day at a time

Good things indeed take time. When you want something for a lifetime, it is only right to be patient and consistent with it.

Start your journey here in Caledonia Recovery Homes. Contact us at 844-738-9848, we provide tools to help you or your loved one cope with substance use disorder.

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