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New Year's Resolution and Drug Addiction Recovery

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

As the New Year arrives, we are welcoming the annual tradition of aiming to put our goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. People consider it as a fresh start and developing healthier habits. It is also the perfect time for those who are recovering, to amplify their sobriety goals. The best thing you can achieve in the coming year is freeing yourself from substance use disorder. It is easier said than done but is always worth trying.

While New Year can be thrilling and motivating for most people but for those in recovery, choosing to be sober is not easy and it is certainly a long-term commitment. Sobriety can bring enlightenment to your life and improve your relationships with loved ones. Choosing sobriety without laying out a big realistic plan may increase the chances of relapse. Preparedness can help you avoid unnecessary stress and can be discouraged once you see that it is not an easy road to take. It is best to do it slowly but surely.

Examples of New Year's Resolution

1. I will replace bad habits with healthier ones

Many people who suffer from drug addiction develop bad habits throughout time. Making a new habit that would break down the old ones little by little is a good way to start off your year. Make a list of things you want to try and do one at a time. It is never too late to discover something new that you would like.

2. I will mend broken relationships

As part of the 12 steps recovery program, the 8th step is all about making amends with those you have caused hurt. During substance use disorder, you may have hurt people who are close to you without meaning it. It is important to let them know that you have changed and that your relationship with them is as important as your recovery. If you reach out first, there is a higher chance that you can mend your problems with them. Ask them for a talk and if possible, just the two of you in a quiet place. Listen and be open to anything that they might have to say.

3. I will recognize my little wins and not down myself when I have setbacks

You might have thought that you don't have many achievements just because your success is not as flashy as anyone else's. But you have to remember that we have our own version of progression in life. People's levels of happiness are different from each other and recognizing your own should be a top priority.

4. I will move my body

Giving attention to your daily activities and giving up shortcuts such as using the stairs instead of the elevator and walking instead of driving if it is nearby, can help increase your physical activities especially when you are not yet ready to commit to big workouts. Small acts can lead to huge results.

5. I will learn to reach out for help

During substance use disorder, you might have isolated yourself a lot of times and think that you bother people when you reach out for help. In the coming year, learning how to accept vulnerability and asking for help shall be on your list. Simply asking for a hand when the chore is too much for you is a good start.

6. I will pass on the good deed

Despite the struggles and broken relationships, there are some people who help us during the darkest days. The best way to repay them is to be kind to others too. Volunteering is the best way to do it. Many sober houses are partnered with charities or churches, just simply sign up for the upcoming events they might need an extra hand on.

7. I will stay positive

Looking at the bright side will lessen the chances of being stressed over unnecessary things. A lot of things in our life come and go, and it is not helpful to hover especially when it is just temporary. Let life flow through you and you will notice how less stressed you will be.

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