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How Embracing Your Weaknesses Leads to Amazing Things

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

It's definitely not easy to embrace your weaknesses and accept the fact that there are so many things in life that we aren't good at doing. Excessive pride, low self-esteem, or fears that you're not good enough are several things that can make it difficult to recognize your weaknesses. Some of us may genuinely believe that we're good at a particular thing until the truth punches us in the face.

Keep on reading as I share the amazing thing that can happen when you finally decide to fully embrace your weaknesses:

You'll unlock great opportunities

The only way to work on your weaknesses is by fully embracing them. Once you allow yourself to make positive changes in your life, this will create opportunities for growth. Whether you conceal or make peace with your weaknesses, that's entirely up to you. The first step is to fully acknowledge them.

You'll uncover your fears

The first step in facing your fears is finding the courage to acknowledge your shortcomings as fears can often masquerade as weaknesses. We always have to ask within ourselves if we are genuinely bad at this particular thing or are we just scared of doing it? In many cases, we think we're bad at something only because we're running away from it or have failed to face it properly in the past. Do we disguise shortcomings as fears we're trying to avoid, or are they real flaws that can accept and move forward from? Being fully honest with yourself will lead you to answers from within. Allow your weaknesses to guide you.

You'll reduce your ego

Pride often stops us from finally acknowledging our flaws. Most of us are afraid to be seen as weak or vulnerable to others. When someone points out our shortcomings or threatens our self-image, we become defensive which is a sign of denial. Pointing out a weakness that we have hurt our feelings. You'll reduce your ego and diminish your fears by learning to embrace your flaws. Once we allow ourselves to drop the defensiveness and accept constructive criticism, that's the time that we'll be happier.

You'll develop self-compassion

Feeling inadequate can make some of us feel ashamed and try to hide it. Hence, equate it to weakness. We may even feel that people would no longer accept us if they discovered our little secret. Remember that more likely than not there are millions of people who have the same secret. Whatever your weakness may be, embrace it or work on it rather than hide it. Try to take it less seriously and even laugh about it. Stop beating yourself up and start accepting your shortcomings. When you do so, this will foster compassion within you.

You'll accept help from others.

Welcoming the help and input of others without getting defensive are good things that happen when you embrace your weaknesses. The willingness to change or accept criticism without feeling the need to react or seeing people as potential threats is part of growth.

You'll build deeper and more meaningful connections with people.

Showing vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of. People will appreciate your authenticity and admire that you have the courage to be yourself. Building stronger connections with others is a result of embracing one's weaknesses. When you show your true self, people will be more comfortable with you and start opening up and sharing their own weaknesses and struggles with you. This would build stronger, deeper, and more meaningful connections with the people around you.

Start embracing your weaknesses today and experience all these amazing changes that can happen in your life. Whether you choose to work on your flaws or accept them, don't be afraid to share more of yourself with the world. Call us at 844-738-9848 or email us at


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